Reducing Stress


Stressing about  Stress

by Lynn Y. Andersen, GCFP

Stress is a natural response that occurs whenever your mind perceives a threat. It is designed to help you rise to challenges and protect you from (emotional or physical) danger. Your body, boosted by adrenaline, uses your programmed “fight, flight or freeze” responses to protect you without much thought.

If stress is a natural protective response, why then should we stress about being stressed?

Your “safety protection” system is created for use in life threatening situations only. Deal with the problem, use up the extra energy and then reset. The systems necessary for surviving are boosted by suppressing others. What is seen as not as important at these moments are still very important functions. The resources needed are focused away from your digestion and immune system.

And here lies the problem. In our modern society, the part of the nervous system designed for sort term situations has become where we live. This constant physical state of alarm shuts down important functions long term and your health and life suffers. Stress is the underlying cause of illness. Eventually something breaks down, when your digestion and immune system are left unsupported.

Make reducing stress a priority. Ask Lynn how to reset your nervous system for more inner peace and easier movement.