Designed to Learn


Designed to Learn

by Lynn Y. Andersen, GCFP

Life’s only constant is change. There is no movement, posture or way of thinking that could meet your ever changing needs living in this world. You can not organize your movements or thoughts once and be set for life. So it is your ability to learn and change with experience that is your biggest resource.

Most of the movement and mental/ emotional repertoire you currently using were created from your childhood experiences, accidents, and traumatic events. Designed through a child’s perspective, the strategies created then may interfere with present day “adult” living. These filters that organize your choices and movements need updating.

Gifted with unlimited potential, humans have to be great learners to be successful and to survive. It is amazing the endless variety that life can bring your way and the speed in which it can happen. Lucky your brain and nervous system are designed to learn and change. You have what it takes to figure out this often puzzling world.

Lynn helps you to enhance your inner resources by updating your brain and nervous system’s files. Go from limitations to endless possibilities. Determine how far you go and what you accomplish. There is no limit.