Improve the building blocks of action.

Improve the building blocks of action.

 by Lynn Y. Andersen, GCFP

Would you like to improve your favorite sport or activities without even doing them? Hard to imagine but you could be better at the beginning of a season without any practice than you were after playing regularly, no matter your sport, game or interest.


How? No magic tricks needed. You could improve your performance instead of losing ground by refining the building blocks of action. Each action you make is made up of smaller components. You improve those components and you improve all your favorite activities as well as your daily living.


Your movements are made up of smaller more subtle actions such as rotation, shortening, lengthening and shifting weight. You could improve how you play golf, tennis, horseback ride, hike, walk, etc…by making these actions smoother and more comfortable. You would see an increase in skill level when you next hit the ice, court, hiking trail or course. Enhancing your body awareness will give you a performance advantage. Increasing your ability to focus and track your movements while in action will make you a better athlete.


Improve your movement and your life by using The Feldenkrais Method®. It is designed around improving the background components of action, assisting you in reaching your performance potential. Uniting and coordinating the smaller movements makes refinement possible for athletes as well as the injured. You can access more enjoyment and accuracy in sports and all your activities.