Resolution Hints from Your Body

 Resolution Hints from Your Body.

By Lynn Y Andersen, GCFT

Here are some New Year’s resolutions that your body would like to suggest.

Eat food that nourishes. Think of me when choosing food. Food is my fuel. I build and repair with what I am given.

Be nice to yourself by being kind to me. No extreme exercises please. Torture is not required. I am very willing to work for you.

Give me time to develop and improve. Slow and steady, I gain skills and strength. I get stressed and start to break down when your requests are too fast, too much or too soon for me to process.

Listen to me more. I am on your side. We are a team. When I speak to you in sensation. I am warning you and am concerned with your safety. I have to get louder and more dramatic when you don’t pay attention. Pain is my way I say stop.

Work with my rhythm. Mix action with refueling times to get more done. Choose with my comfort in mind when deciding on what you are going to do. Less is more.

Express your feelings. I wear out trying to contain them. Have people around you that support and love you. Laugh a lot. Balance work with fun.

Remember everything you want to do requires me, your body. So make more body supportive choices this year and be at your best year after year.