Speed the way to Mastery

Speed the way to Mastery

 No matter what skill we wish to develop or challenge we want to overcome, we go through four phases. The process of learning is constant but we can influence how fast we go through the stages.

The four stages are called unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence and unconscious competence.

Step 1.Unconscious incompetence. First, we are unaware of what we don’t know. As we learn, we get enough information so that we begin to understand what it is we don’t know, which is step 2. conscious incompetence.

In step 3, Conscious competence, the knowledge we have gathered helps us to refine how to do something but conscious effort is still required. Lastly, after going through all these phases, we arrive at stage 4, a place where we can do something with skill without having to think about it.

Conscious incompetence (stage 2) is the stage where most of us get discouraged and feel defeated. It is where we clearly face our lack of skill. Keep at it. Competence is close at hand.  Accumulated experience and patience will reward you with refinement, turning clumsy movements into graceful ones and going from not knowing into awareness. Let the Lynn help you to quickly move from not knowing to understanding and from incompetence to mastery. This year can be an exciting year of accomplishment.