Lynn has helped me both emotionally and physically. She has been a huge part in assisting me find a way to cope with anxiety and panic attacks. The gentle body movements have helped me to let go of many of my holding patterns in my nervous system so I can move more efficiently and enjoy the life in the way  I would like to live. Her knowledge and dedication has helped me to understand more fully what is happening to me and has given me some tools to continue on to a healthy and happy future. Wendy P, Oliver, BC

“I’ve had back pain for years and it has always been a mystery as to why it occurs. After working with Lynn, I realized that I was using many poor movement strategies that were causing my muscles to become unnecessarily tight. In the first session, I learned new strategies for rolling over and getting up from a chair that used a 1/4 of the effort, and allowed my muscles to be relaxed as I moved. I’m looking forward to learning more with Lynn and ending my back pain forever.”  – Janice L. Lower Mainland

After a workshop which is nowhere near strenuous and one private session following that workshop I was able to bend and lift without a pain in my pelvis that had been haunting me for a long time. If learning to pay that kind of close attention to my body helps that much and so quickly, why isn’t this teaching more widely known and used. Nothing I pay for on my extended health care plan could help me! Thanks Lynn for making it available in every way you can!  Jan F. Abbotsford, BC

Out of all the bodywork that I have done, I have found Feldenkrais to be the most effective and life altering. The combination of awareness of movement (which adds to the awareness that I have learned in meditation) plus learning how my body works and moves using small motions, has changed many things that I considered unchangeable. Sheryl B.  Okanagan,BC

……. I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my jaw and back (quite some years back).  I had experienced some discomfort in my back but that is now gone.  I’m sure that x-rays would show the same condition.  What a bonus! I have been steadily becoming more discomfort free through using The Feldenkrais Method. …… I am increasingly becoming more aware and sensitive to what is happening in my body.  ….. Awareness brings change and once again I am saved from a growing discomfort and rigidity in a part of my body. Maureen E. Delta, BC

I met Lynn at a time when I was struggling to ‘bounce back’ from a series of heart attacks.  She taught me to respect my body and to become a partner, not a bully.  The trip we took wasn’t always easy but her knowledge and compassion guided me to a much better partnership within myself.  I highly recommend Lynn!  Cathy K. Surrey,BC

Feedback after attending workshop. I enjoyed how you role modelled no self criticism and a “be gentle on ourselves” attitude plus a complete lack of striving as being necessary for this work.  In addition,  the ease that you led us gently through the movements in the various lessons. You were very good, kind, gentle, clear and effective.  The biggest aha was the lack of need to strive or stretch or attempt to gain strength.  Instead it was more of an inside job and very relaxing and freeing.  I like how we can learn from ourselves and our own bodies.  Janice L.  Vancouver,BC