Feldenkrais Workshops.
Lower Mainland.
Workshops for 2019
Next workshop November 02nd, 2019. More info soon. 
“Moving towards Mindfulness”
By exploring movement, you create opportunities to increase your mindfulness skills which improves everything you do.This unique process helps you to build life skills, release body tension and reduce stress all at the same time.
During this type of workshop, I use the latest information about how the brain learns, organizes and changes. The movements are small and slow as they are meant to feed information to your brain so it can let go of limiting patterns/habits and tension.
Date:   Saturday, August 24, 2019
Time:    9:30 to 12:30
Place:       yogaroot studio, 9048 Glover Road 
Fort Langley, BC. (Across from Cemetery, next to Gallery)
Price:     Early Bird Price   $94.50. Prices include GST when paid before July 26th.  $115.00 After Early Bird Date.
Date: June 01, 2019
Place: Yogaroots Studio ,9048 Glover Rd,  Fort Langley
Topic: To Be Announced
We are going to be using movement to exercise your brain.  A more mobile brain means a more mobile body. Learn how to help your brain so it can help you refine your awareness, calm your nervous system and improve how you move.
Registration required. Small class size.
Contact lynn at 250-498-4855 or to sign up.
Other proposed dates; To Be Announced.

Workshops can also be customized  around  your group’s interests.

Date: March 02, 2019
Place: Rasayana Studio 240-9220 Glover Rd,  Fort Langley
Topic: Brain Workout
We are going to be using movement to change your brain. 
Registration required. Small class size.
Contact lynn at 250-498-4855 or to sign up.

In order to create better movement and reduce stress, you need awareness. Awareness is not something you have, it is something your brain develops with experience. Awareness is a skill made up of many smaller skills. In these workshops, you will enhance your awareness by refining your ability to notice and understand your body’s sensation cues. You will learn how to detect subtle differences and  see how things are connected. These are the building blocks of awareness. The movement sequences used create a low risk playground so you can expand your brain’s capacity to notice and to better organize your movement and your life.